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Oakz Mining is a free to play game. Inside the game it allows you to mine for free gold by buying free miners with the starting game cash that was given to you on sign up. You can sell this gold inside the game for game cash. Ichor , Gold, Game Cash and Oaks will all be exchangeable for fiat cash. Gold and Game Cash are paid to game owners to start a round inside what game you intended to play.

Game Profits exercises tight controls on exactly what currency is in circulation. No currency is put into circulation that can not be exchanged for fiat currency. Our use of duel blockchain technology and the smart contracts make it easy to share transparency of the markets financial state.

Types of Games


Oaks Mining, Asset Miner

These games you are permitted to mine for free crypt currency. The rate at which you are given Crypto varies from game to game and location to location. These games are free to play so anyone can participate in the network.

Asset Collection Games

Hopper, Zigzag, Cryptris

These types of games you pay game cash or gold to play. The pick items are gold and other assets on the network ie Guns & Ammo, Magical Items etc. Some games are categorized as asset collection games and others are character attribute building games. This means scoring high in these games while paying as a network character will increase certain attributes(i.e. Intelligence, Wisdom, Agility)

Character Attribute Builders

Chess, Sudoku, Infinite Runner

These simple games are built specially for building up your characters strength, intelligence and agility. You can not purchase these attributes points they must be earned through game play. These tokens holding everyone custom characters will also hold the attributes for each player. This is all tracked by our duel blockchain technology and hence you will be able to sell characters you build for uvo, gold and cash!

Signature Games

KFC Zombie Shooter, Loot the Dragon, Grand Theft Crypto

These games are where you take crypto you have earned and the characters you have built and go earn larger amounts of crypto playing better games. These games you can actually lose your crypto and games items for dying in the game. Most signature games with have battle royals and multiplayer games and tournaments which will allow you to earn larger more significant amounts of game profits!

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