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Blockchain Technology

Game Profits runs the latest version of Ethereum. Game Profits runs this network privately.

===== Open Source =====

GP FirstWizard , finds it very amusing , many a many projects are out there and using Ethereum technology and either go through great lengths hide they are doing so, or seem embarrassed. Open Source Matters. Period. Be proud , make innovations and pass them up the chain to the project. With the exception of Unity , This whole network was built on a opensource stack :) !

Game Profits is responsible for Mining all the transactions on the game profits network. The Ichoronium block chain will be used for many purposes other than gaming. Gaming and the trading of game assets is just one aspect of how the Ichoronium block chains works.

Game Profits Networks block chain API's are capable of handling many block chains , Ethereum , bitcoin or otherwise. Buy running multichain software as a thread for which to wrap other block chains around and create a “Block Rope” of chains, you can with greater confidence and speed increase your daily transaction limits to 100's of millions of transactions a day.

Trader Miners in the future will be allowed to helped with mining transactions.

This will page will be updated frequently.

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