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Character Attributes

This is not final but a start. We will be discussing this in depth on Connect with regards to what to use and what formulas to use that would be fairest across the network.


aka Body, Might, Brawn, …

A measure of how physically strong a character is. Strength often controls the maximum weight the character can carry, melee attack and/or damage, and sometimes hit points. Armor and weapons might also have a Strength requirement.


aka Stamina, Endurance, Vitality, …

A measure of how sturdy a character is. Constitution often influences hit points, resistances for special types of damage (poisons, illness, heat etc.) and fatigue.


aka Resistance, Fortitude, Resilience, …

A measure of how resilient a character is. Defense usually decreases taken damage by either a percentage or a fixed amount per hit. Occasionally combined with Constitution.


aka Agility, Reflexes, Quickness, …

A measure of how agile a character is. Dexterity controls attack and movement speed and accuracy, as well as evading an opponent's attack (see Armor Class).


aka Intellect, Mind, Knowledge, …

A measure of a character's problem-solving ability. Intelligence often controls a character's ability to comprehend foreign languages and their skill in magic. In some cases, intelligence controls how many skill points the character gets at “level up”. In some games, it controls the rate at which experience points are earned, or the amount needed to level up. Under certain circumstances, this skill can also negate combat actions between players and NPC enemies. This is sometimes combined with wisdom and/or willpower.


aka Presence, Charm, Social, …

A measure of a character's social skills, and sometimes their physical appearance. Charisma generally influences prices while trading and NPC reactions. Under certain circumstances, this skill can negate combat actions between players and NPC enemies.


aka Spirit, Wits, Psyche, Sense, …

A measure of a character's common sense and/or spirituality. Wisdom often controls a character's ability to cast certain spells, communicate to mystical entities, or discern other characters' motives or feelings.


aka Sanity, Personality, Ego, Resolve, …

A measure of the character's mental resistance (against pain, fear etc.) when falling victim to mind-altering magic, torture, or insanity. Many games combine willpower and wisdom.


aka Alertness, Awareness, Cautiousness, …

A measure of a character's openness to their surroundings. Perception controls the chance to detect vital clues, traps or hiding enemies, and might influence combat sequence or the accuracy of ranged attacks. Perception-type attributes are more common in more modern games. Note that this skill is usually understood only to apply to what a character can perceive with their established senses (i.e. sight, sound, smell, etc), and does not usually include extrasensory perception or other forms of mental telepathy or telekinesis in the given game unless the character's specific attributes expressly include such abilities (such as the Force in Star Wars). Sometimes combined with wisdom.


aka Fate, Chance, …

A measure of a character's luck. Luck might influence anything, but mostly random items, encounters and outstanding successes/failures (such as critical hits).

Character Settings Defaults After Calculations from above main stats.

Health Health regen Magic res. Mana Mana regen Spell dmg Armor Att/sec Move sp amp. Damage Movement speed Turn rate Vision range Attack range Projectile speed Attack animation Base attack time Collision size Legs

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