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Purchasing Premium Miner Contracts

When purchasing premium miner contracts for oaks mining, your being returned 130% of your purchase in oaks tokens that can be converted to gold, gamecash or traded for anything else on our network

To purchase a Premium miner contract and begin mining oaks you must first purchase Uvo Coins. Then follow these instructions

1. First Click on your my account dashboard.

2. To navigate to the purchase premium miner page select “Create New Contract” from the “My Contract”. drop down menu.

3. Review contract details page for the contract you are set to buy and click “Get Started”.

4. On this screen enter the amount of Uvo you wish to spend on the contract and click “Review”.

5. Review your purchase on this screen and click confirm.

6. Once you see this confirmation screen you have purchased your contract and you can go ahead and place your miner!

Thanks it ! Please watch video below to review !

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