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Excuse us while we are in beta.

All rates and amounts are fictional during beta phase commencing Nov 2018. Beta users will be given bonuses of yet to be determined amounts of crypto and unique extra mining spots. See Beta Program

The amount mining locations

That will be open to you will be largely dependent on your Membership inside the network and the size of your trade network.

The more fun your game network has playing games, the more crypto you will move and the more game profits you will generate as commissions are paid to your up line.

When you start playing oaks mining,

Users with the Beta flags will be bonus extra mining locations when beta ends, otherwise you will have Europe open to start and can purchase and mine all locations in this country. Don't go blow your initial game cash on games. Buy miners mine for gold and trade it.

Get revenue flowing through your mining game and grow your trade network. You'll need this revenue to participate in the network. Your account can go broke, so manage your miners properly so your not begging for gold on the connect site to restart your miners :)

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