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Game Play

Network game play strategy to generate game profits will be crucial. Right now its simple because there are only three published games and about 20 tokens being used. Ichor , Gold, Oaks, and Game Cash. Then there are tokens for all the guns and ammo in zombie shooter. As our network, game studios and independent developers publish more games and manufacture more tokens and games items, incalculable ways to earn game profits will arise.

Whether you run guns,ammo, and game items through your trade network or your buying these items and smashing noobs through multiplayer play and online tournaments, How you make game profits will be up to you and your talents and skills in trading, and game play.

Game Profits is not a “Pay to Play” network! Its a “Paid To Play” Network! With the exception of the membership fees all crypto can be earned online for free. If Someone pays a large amount of gold for rare hard hitting sniper rifle with a fancy scope,then enters a group battle and get's fragged holding that gun, then that that gun and its tokens(gun,scope, mods etc) are dropped for any player to pick up or it goes to the game owner if no one picks it up see gamerules). Game Profits takes special care to ensure the fairness of pay and play across the network !

Current Game Network Strategy

This is the current game network strategy as suggest by Game Profits.

1. Play Oaks Mining and get your revenue streaming flowing to play games.

2. After trading the gold of game cash in oaks mining,have fun playing hopper earning game pickups such as guns and ammo to play the zombie shooting game.

3. Buy Premium Miner Contracts for Oakz Mining. Those contracts return 30% oaks over a 90 day period and can be converted to gold and fiat. This will help you grow and market your trade network and get you earning commissions on your friends!

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