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Game Trade Networks

Be sure spread your trade network codes

For people to sign up now! First Wizard will be sponsoring the first 50 Network Users in our Beta Program to start the trade networks. After that a user must input a sponsor code to join the network. Sponsors will be easily via our Connect Site If by accident you during this phase someone signs up under first wizard they need to open another account with another email.

The larger your trade network and the circumstances of your membership will determine what you can mine for free in our network and what spots and mining locations are open. For 5 Trade levels you are paid commissions on the users your bring into the game network. See Membership Details.

Game Profit's is not a Forever MLM, At some point after growth periods trade networks will be capped at somewhere between 1.5% and 3% of all accounts or 40,000 senior trader coins. These initial membership badges will increase in value as the network grow.

Your membership status will also determine if your allowed to have a peer connection to our blockchain. The Ichoronium blockchain is private ethereum network. There are no transaction fees on this network and all mining is handled by Game Profits and its senior traders. A direct peer connection allow you as a trader to submit transactions directly to the network.

As a game owner any new users that sign up through your game via the app store, online or thru their PC or Tablet are automatically added to your network.

The crypto you mine,buy,sell and trade, are currencies , magical items , guns, ammo.

As game owners or traders you will want to give some of these away to gamer in your network to go and build characters , and play games.

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