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Miner Console

Clicking on this icon will move you to the miner console in the game.

This miner console has 3 screens

1. Purchase new miner screen

Click on New Miner! Here you can purchase new miners for game cash. Simply enter the name into the box and adjust the slider for the number of turns you wish to purchase and the level of miner you wish to purchase.

2. Free Miner Information Panel

Select a named miner from your miner list on the left. After selecting the miner, a new information panels comes up the right seen here. You can purchase additional miner turns for your miners to collect gold before placing them. It also tells you how many hours the miner has been hired in total and how much gold it has found. You can also click “go to location” and you will be forwarded to the location the miners is working at. Miner upgrades will be published in the window during the next update.

3. Premium Miner information panel.

To see this information screen , select a premium miner from the list to left.

Here you can see the information about the contract. Such as its value , how many collections are left and the location of the premium miner.

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