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Having recently celebrated my milestone half-decade birthday, I was the fortuitou recipient of lovely 50 th birthday offerings. And given that many of my friends are my contemporaries, there continues to be an onslaught of 50 th birthdays to status in the course of the year . Milestone birthday talents can be tough to buy. Yes, it's the was considered that weighs. But it counts even more when you find talents that are creative and personal . Consider your recipient's personality, sense of humor, hobbies and wording. It's a great time to do a group gift, where people can pool resources for something singular.( Speaking from experience: One over-the-top knack versus 10 small endows? Yes, satisfy .) She reached the half century assessment! Celebrate this milestone with 50 th birthday offerings that get personal. Create customized jewelry that manifests the wording she has built through its first year, and pair it with a chest of gourmet sweets and a fresh birthday garland for a bit pampering. Browse the full accumulation of birthday talents for her, including cool personalized home decoration, to find the one that will make her daytime .

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